Sunday, June 12, 2011


This is what we call making up your beloved cars > “Pimping your own ride!” For me, white is a very sporty colour and the owner of this honda jazz really make a good job on his ride. Smart and clean design white colour jazz bodykit with extreme lowered bumper in front of the powerfull vtec engine.

Not just a scissors door, it has a spinner wheel which will turn attractively to grab your eye balls. And by the way, it is not allowed in Malaysia may be because it is dangerous to others as when the wheel and car stop, the spinner did not stop spinning yet and may cause injury to people near the wheel. And it will have more possibility to loose and left at the back which will cause dangerous to other road user behind.

OMG! Look at the rear tyre! Tilted extremely outside. The function of tilted tyres is to give better grip and balancing especially for drifting cars.
Well, is the jazz above extreme enough with bodykit of Nissan Fairlady 350z veilside?
The most fierce paint job on the jazz’s body with symbol of the dragon and in orange colour. Sporty rims with big and wide lips. Rear diffuser makes this jazz looks like an angry dragon cruising on the road!

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  1. hi there..can u make one set of peugeot 308 custom bodykit..exactly like this..


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